Disaster-Proof Your Business Today

In an unpredictable world, where natural calamities like hurricanes and earthquakes, as well as man-made crises such as fires and floods, loom on the horizon, it’s imperative for businesses to fortify themselves against potential disasters. The repercussions of these events extend beyond mere physical damage, often leaving a trail of severe financial losses. The key […]

Top 9 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Data Backup

Backing up data is a critical aspect of maintaining the integrity, security, and continuity of business operations. Here are several reasons why businesses need to back up their data: Data Loss Prevention: Accidental Deletion: Employees can unintentionally delete important files or data. Hardware Failures: Hard drives can fail, leading to the loss of stored data. […]

Protect Your Online Privacy: 4 Easy Ways to Remove Metadata From Your Files

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Are there ways to remove metadata from your files? Why do you even need to remove it from your files? Protecting your online privacy is critical in this day and age. Some people may not be familiar with metadata and how it reveals information about you. Let’s talk about what metadata really is, how it […]

60% of SMBs that Experience a Cyber Attack Are Out of Business Within 6 Months

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According to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), 60% of small businesses go out of business within six months after a cyber attack. Defend your business against online threats before it’s too late! Ransomware encrypts your data and prevents access to your systems, making it nearly impossible for businesses to operate due to their reliance […]

Information Theft: How to Protect Your Business From Insider Data Theft

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Information theft is a serious problem that every organization must address to protect its interests. Details of businesses’ operations and customer information are critical assets, which might be stolen by a competitor, external contractors, or by internal employees.  The biggest data thefts can be caused not by outside threats but by internal employees. The threat […]

Prevent Ransomware: Is It Possible To Protect Yourself Against Ransomware?

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Let’s check out these ways to prevent ransomware by looking at the details of how it works. Ransomware attacks have exploded in recent years, but what can your business do to avoid being targeted? This article will guide you through the process of protecting yourself against ransomware. What is Ransomware? Ransomware is malicious software, otherwise […]

Data Security: Why Egnyte?

Data Security

We partnered with Egnyte to get the best cloud storage and data security solutions for your business. The result? You can focus on what really matters: creating the best possible experience for your customers! Schedule a free discovery call with us and learn more.