External IT Assessment

Our External IT Assessment is designed to assist you in confirming the security of your operational environment. We are committed to helping you assess your present situation and future objectives while formulating a strategy to guide you towards your desired outcomes. Our team of seasoned experts will scrutinize your systems and pinpoint potential weaknesses, affording you the chance to proactively address any significant concerns before they manifest into problems.

Voice Ignite will help you:

Evaluate the entire organization level for fraud risk assessment and the assessment planning process to properly take account of IT risks and controls.

Document and understand complex processes and controls using specific industry and technical experience.

Support the assessment team to help identify the key controls within a client’s business.

Assess the design and effectiveness of IT general controls and application controls.

Support the substantive testing phase of the assessment by Pen Testing, Compliance testing for ISO 27001, and CMMC assessment.

An efficient financial assessment:

By relying on IT and application controls, the amount of substantive testing on the assessment can be reduced over routine transactions. The assessment team can then focus on non-routine transactions in other complex areas.

Escalate IT issues to senior management:

Often IT issues are not understood by the Board and other senior management and our findings can raise the IT agenda to help make improvements.

To ensure your company is compliant with industry standards, our team will examine the following areas:

Your network and systems architecture

Your application development and maintenance processes

Your data and information security processes

Your physical security controls

Your disaster recovery/business continuity processes

CMMC, Pen Testing, and ISO 27001 assessment.