Cyber Security & Disaster Recovery

Ensure continuous monitoring and administration of your security devices. Our team of seasoned security experts will work for you at a fraction of the cost of building your security team in-house.

Endpoint Protection

The explosion of work from home (WFH) has created a much larger attack surface for the internet’s bad actors. We’ll layer in a security solution to protect all your endpoints – mobile, laptops, desktops, and servers – from malicious activity and unauthorized access to your data.

Firewall & Network Management

Internet threats are becoming more sophisticated all the time – so your network must be protected and monitored 24/7. We make sure that your firewall and network are properly maintained and monitored for any anomalies.

Patch Management

Overwhelmed by the constant influx of patches for all your operating systems and applications? No problem: We’ll make sure all your Windows, Mac and Linux systems along with any third-party apps are current with patches at all times, so your business stays productive and protected.

Industry Compliance

The Financial, Healthcare and Legal Industries have stringent compliances that have to be met. We’ll make sure that you meet or exceed them, putting the security controls in place to keep your data protected, confidential, and available only to the appropriate staff.

Disaster Recovery | Business Continuity

With bad actors wanting to hack and steal corporate data, does your company have a plan if something happened? Who is the first person to call? Do you tell the entire staff, “Hey we got hacked!“? It is imperative to have a good backup plan, and should always include a secondary backup. An ideal plan will comply with the golden 3-2-1 backup rule by creating three copies of your data in two different locations and media, with one copy stored off-site for disaster recovery.