Our External IT Assessment helps you ensure that you are operating in a secure environment. We will help you identify your current state and future goals and develop a plan to help you get there. Our team of experienced professionals will examine your systems and identify vulnerabilities. This gives you the opportunity to take action before any major issues occur.

Whether you’re in the seed stage, expanding, or a high growth start-up. We have unrivaled competence. Voice Ignite provides vital IT Infrastructure, Security and Augmented Staff.

We can assist you with your IT requirements through proactive IT services or co-managed services. You will have access to a team of highly qualified specialists who will use industry-leading solutions to solve your business challenges.

Voice Ignite provides the following services:

Any Back Office or Front Office Work

Customer Service: Inbound & Outbound Calls

Data Migration from LAN to Cloud and Cloud to LAN, Cloud to Cloud Migration

Remote Technology Support

Telecom: VoIP, Texting, Microsoft Team Calling, Zoom, and Integrations

Data Security Services, Secure Remote Access

Scale your business by adding staff that can work multiple time zones