Telecom Assessment

Telecom assessment involves a thorough examination of a business’s current Telecom assets and expenses. This assessment aims to identify and rectify any billing errors, duplicate charges, or inefficiencies in telecom services. By doing so, it can help an enterprise reduce inaccuracies in its invoices and potentially realize cost savings for future telecom opportunities.


is a great tool for reviewing telecom contracts, detecting billing errors, assessing the services you’re paying for, cataloging the equipment and software your organization owns, and more.

Telecom expenses are unavoidable

they’re a necessary part of doing business. But even though equipment and service costs are going down, organizations are spending more money than ever on their telecom bills. Telecom bills consist of Text Messaging platforms, Marketing numbers, Call Center companies, Zoom, Microsoft Teams/Skype, Slack, Mobile phone numbers, and OTP (Over the Top) Messaging Platforms WhatsApp, Signal, Messenger, Line.


old accounts from Telecom Messaging platforms | Mobile Phones | Internal Company Chat platforms pose a security risk for your company if former employees and external contractors had access to their old accounts. Conducting a telecom assessment will help your organization develop a better understanding of your expenses and allow you to make improvements.

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Benefits of Conducting a Telecom Assessment

Telecom expenses are unavoidable

Unmanaged Telecom accounts pose a security risk